Benign Whateverism

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“Most religious communities’ central problem is not teen rebellion, but teenagers’ benign ‘whateverism' ”
Christian Smith

I was just reviewing the notes from Kenda Creasy Deans visit to the UK, I was struck again by the above quote from an American study in 2005. More importantly though were the andedotes as Kenda perceived them, these were the foundations she highlighted that young people need in order to have/live a faith of consequence.

kcd four rocks.jpg

* A creed to believe

* A community to belong to

* A call to live out

* A hope to hold onto

Amen to these! I think this is a very cool piece of reflection on what Discipleship is based on, which is in turn forming some of my thinking on Confirmation.

1 Comment

I have some stones that look just like that! Since the CYM day I've kept them on my desk for inspiration and with my filing system I occasionally get a glimpse of them!


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