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Went to see Dads Army last night ... and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a wonderful homage to the original, faithful enough to be fun but new enough to not be the same. Wonderfully directed I thought keeping the silliness at just the right level. It was a lot of fun and good for the soul on a stormy Sunday night.

I loved the tagline: "The British Empire Strikes Back" nice touch

I'm looking forward to seeing Pointbreak. I love the original 1991 film and am unusually excited about a remake (whereas normally I want only to encounter original story, not endless recycling). But the hottest "must see" on my radar has to be Kung Fu Panda 3, oh yes!

Youth Worker Job

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St Andrews North Oxford are recruiting. Details

Parenting Under 12s

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Parent Talk dates.jpg

Care for the Family are bringing their "Parent Talk" event into the Diocese, in fact twice. You'll find all the details here with the dates above.

Rooted in Church

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This is an important survey looking at connection with church. There are two surveys:
One for 16 - 30 year olds still involved with the church, one for parents of 11 - 30's who may or MAY NOT be involved in Church.
It would be great if you could fill it in and/or pass it on
Link is here


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"Most of us were taught that God would love us if and when we change. In fact, God loves you so that you can change. It is the inherent experience of love that becomes the engine of change."

Richard Rohr

The Bunny Beaufort Scale

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When did we start naming storms?
Whilst mentally moaning at this elemental anthropomorphism I came across a story that amused me:

I've now done a tighter version of this on stage a couple of times, and the Bunny Beaufort scale definitely has (funny) legs, as it were.

Taize Trip

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I notice that Portsmouth are also running a Taize trip at the same time as Oxford, loved this from their website:

A Pilgrimage is a journey that Christians make.
It's about who you go with, where you go and what you do together.
It's about the people you go with and the people you meet there.
Taizé is a spiritual place, a place for meeting God and others.
Join us on this journey.

Famous Failures

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Soul Survivor UK dates

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Week A: 27th - 31st July at Stafford Showground

Soul Survivor Scotland: 6th - 10th August, Lendrick Muir, Kinross

Week B: 13th - 17th August and Week C: 19th - 23rd August, Royal Bath & West Showground, Somerset


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A useful mantra to employ by I think.

For the record I am SO grateful that this reflects the approach of my employers.

I concur

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Really looking forward to running 'DEPTH' with my friend and colleague Yvonne. Depth is our annual retreat for youth, children and families workers at the beautiful Douai Abbey. I have a vast amount of work to do today though to clear the decks for the event and to finish preparing; not relishing this. Really looking forward though to being away with an amazing bunch of people ... as ever it will be a time of laughter, tears, silence and community. Love the chance to Soul Journey with people #privilege

FYI: I don't like busyness ... it suppresses creativity
Afterthought: Got to love an Abbey that has seemingly taken design cues from a Spaceship


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