Instagram vs Facebook

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Really useful piece on teens and social media from a 19 year old American. Valuable perspective therein, have a read

Baked Alaska

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rlbakedals.jpgA Riding Lights theatre production
following stories about climate
change from around the globe.

"Vivid, sharp and deliciously entertaining, Baked Alaska serves up the realities of climate change with flair and clarity."


• Whaddon Way Church, Bletchley (Milton
Keynes area) - 22 September, 7:30 pm.
• St Michael and All Angels, Warfield (Bracknell
area) - 29 September, 7:30 pm.
• Warriner School, Bloxham (Banbury area) - 16
October, 7:30 pm. Milton Keynes

More details here

For youth groups and schools here are further links on resources/ideas for engagement with environmental change. Climate materials for Schools.pdf

Are you up for a weekend away?

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On the weekend of November 20th - 22nd I am running a weekend away for a group of around 15 year 11 and 12 teenagers ... it's a discipleship weekend and will be mainly young people who have been to the Yellow Braces Camp. It will be in Herefordshire at the Woolhope Cockshoot centre.

If anyone would enjoy being a leader on this (for the fun, experience or professional development) please let me know


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Great article in the Independent on practical ways to help the refugees. All credit to the newspaper for the piece.

The last few days has seen so many heartbreaking stories and pictures, and in particular the photograph of the body of Aylan on the shoreline. As someone tweeted, "no parent puts their children in a boat unless it is safer than the land"

Ironic in a year where we pledge to remember the lessons of the world wars we are doing so little about the genocide, rape, oppression and slavery that is occurring, and failing the refugees that are fleeing this horror.

I feel saddened and overwhelmed. I was supposed to be writing some comedy material last night but just wasn't in a place where this was possible or desirable.

Supplemental: Some links that could be useful in working with teenagers on understanding and responding:

Refugee resource kit

Uniting Justice resource

Refugee week 2016

Churches refugee response

Church of Scotland resource

That was the summer that was

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A slight Autumnal chill in the air this morning as I headed into work served as a marker that another summer has passed, and that September with it's attendant responsibilities and demands is where I find myself. What a summer it was though with the diem well and truly Carpe'd as it were, the longer days fully embraced. Highlights include getting some stage time at the Edinburgh festival, many nights in the camper at various beaches, festivals and camp sites; cycling, kayaking, hiking, chilling .... and of course spending time with family, friends and communities. Definitely the joy and fun of a season in the sun. Marvelous


I have one more day off left, to get to BUS FEST on Friday (need some spare parts and advice to keep Charlie bus on the road). But other than that, the Diocesan Youth Adviser is fully back on duty; "How can I help?"

* In the picture it is not that I have really weird hips but that I am wearing a Spray deck!

Youth Work Job in Sandhurst

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There is a job coming up in Sandhurst that is a community and church partnership. You'll find the details here.

'Sandhurst Youth' is an exciting new partnership between St Michael's Church (C of E) and Sandhurst Town Council which aims to equip and empower the young people of Sandhurst to realise their potential, aspirations, and hopes for life! We have over 3000 young people aged 11-21 in the town, and more than 60 registered at St Michael's church.

Back in September

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The blog is in stasis until September as it's the holiday season.
August is a mixture of work and holiday for me.

Two places I'd love to bump into you:
I'll be in the 'Clean as Possible Comedy Show' (briefly) in Edinburgh on 17th and 18th of August ..... and I'll be at Soul Survivor for the day on the 23rd August.

Have a blessed time
Catch up with you soon

Youthworker of the Year Award 2015

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Various catergories, have a look. Great opportunity to bless and say Thank you to someone who is making a difference to Young People

All the info is HERE

Here's a challenge for youth groups that could be fun: 'Dress up your youth leader as a superhero and post the image on Facebook or Twitter. There will be a prize for the winner, but will also get the word out about the Awards and how we want to celebrate the superheroes of youth work'

New Diocesan Church House

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new Church House.jpg

This is the new Diocesan Church House and where my desk will be from Next year (probably around March). There is not enough space for meetings and for training in our current building, or in fact even to properly fit everyone. This new building offers a much greater opportunity for hospitality to visitors, for more creative working ... and for hosting more conversation and training. All very exciting.

Mission will be up on the third floor, so same height BUT no longer in a kind of converted loft. There is in fact a huge loft space above us at the new building with possible room for a Table Tennis table for a lunch time league. (This is my idea and has not been discussed or sanctioned ... YET!)

So we set sail to this new land hoping to acquire a Bishop and a Director of Mission along the way.

TED talk on Addiction

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Youth Groups and the Tuck Shop

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This look at what is happening in your body when you have a can of coke is REALLY interesting Scary. Have a read if you dare.

We no longer sell fizzy drinks or sweets at the camps I run and tend to run with drinks of water/squash and homemade snacks and cakes. It had such a positive effect on the experience of hospitality, and on having a much more level and engaged group of young people with out the hyperactivity then sugar crash.

(BTW The trendy thick milkshake bottles have even more sugar in than coke!)


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tfund gen.jpg

Tear Fund have produced a devotional series on Generosity that you could use individually or as a group. Details here


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