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Typo of the day

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I loved this blurb for a VERY nice set of Skis in Decathlon. Made me laugh when I spotted it in the Oxford store. Typos are normally only mildy amusing but this one is genius, in mis-typing 'power,' a deeper reality is revealed.


Too expensive for me so it'll be the hire skis that I'll rely on to transfer this poser onto the edges!

Ski Trip

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There are still spaces on the Ski trip I am speaking at in February that is going out to Lauerbrunnen. Yes it's a coach trip and a communal house party but on the plus side.

It is the Most incredible Ski area (snow falling well ALREADY) and you get 7 days skiing rather than the usual package holiday 5.5 days.
Price is ALL IN and includes:

Return travel from Buckinghamshire
Ski Pass that covers over 200km of runs
ALL your food whilst in Switzerland: Breakfast, packed lunch, 3 course evening meal
Equipment hire
Ski Instruction for 5 lessons

It's trip EHT15 from Goldhill Holidays or via the Facebook page for that trip

The DEPTH retreat 2015

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DEPTH EIGHT: 'Soul Stuff'
January 20th - 21st/22nd

Booking now open
Depth 8 leaflet Final.pdf

Youth worker offices 11

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Way back in the annals of the archive of the Youthblog is a series of 10 posts where I posted pictures of youth workers offices. It was a bit of fun and a bit of insight into working environments. The desks and surround varied considerably in their tidyness from OCD right through to 'Creative' ..... We even had a measure, "The Hamilton Scale"*


Amused to see a picture of one of the Diocesan Youth and Children's worker's desks after what has been admittedly a full-on mad weekend for them. No names but it is the first to achieve an 11 on the Hamilton scale.

If you would like to see the rest of the series for reference (say if you are a vicar and wanting to see where on the scale your youth worker is) then click here.
I am also open to other examples submitted by the youth worker themselves .... or their vicar!


* Named after a youth worker in the Diocese whose desk existed (at least it was believe to still be there under the stuff) at the 'Creative' end of the continuum


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"[Youth workers] can only give away who they are and what they have become. Transformed people transform people. We need to grow up and grow down at the same time, and the very problems of those we serve - and find unable to serve - will be our best teachers"

Richard Rohr quoted in @youthworkmag

Not a great way of storing sausages

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But don't worry, this is very much a ...... *giggles*

WURST case scenario

Discipleship musing


Trying to write a paper on how I am approaching my work with young people in the Diocese. Not easy but here is my narrative thus far:

As human beings we learn and assemble understanding from what we observe, we then make sense of it by putting into practice that which we have seen has value. In technical terms, we are mimetic and imitative in how we learn.
We may cognitively take in some information but the how (and the why) will chiefly come through how the 'information' is modelled, embodied, and lived out; and how we get to participate for ourselves in the practice.

This is true of Faith. However our approach to faith transmission and discipleship is largely one of information, answers and knowledge. "Christianity as words" and "people as empty vessels" as Mark Yaconelli puts it.

The old models of engaging young people in Christian exploration (gathering those who are part of the church already and forming a group for teaching and fellowship) are not working. Partly because there are no longer sufficient young people and partly because "Christianity as words" has no traction with young people who are hard wired to look for the passion and the 'really real' in life as lived now.

(Note this collapse of engagement with young people is not a problem with young people, it is a problem with the way the church mediates faith, and hence approaches discipleship. The young people or the absence thereof is a pointer to the problem not the problem itself)

Youth Work Summit

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STOP PRESS: The YWS Summit returneth: 20th June 2015 in Tonbridge (kent)

Soul Saturdayness

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It's been an enjoyable Saturday morning so far. I have no Diocesan work to head out to, and am even able to venture out on the bike for half an hour for some 'mud, sweat and gears' therapy. Its been a busy morning though with lifts to give, breakfasts to cook, things to fix, house to tidy, shopping to do and so on. The Autumnal mistiness of the morning though (and possibly the 80's music playing) is giving me a moment of whimsy.

I remembered, no ... more than that, I felt again; the glorious possibility that Saturday embodied when I was a teenager. Just walking towards town, or cycling off ... and just venturing into the day, unsure what I would do, or what would happen BUT that the 'day lay open' before me and was there, without any demands, to be explored and to be embraced.

I'm sure that the Soul Task now is to have that same 'living in the moment' and openness even in the midst of greater responsibility. Not going to happen if I live entirely in Brain Stuff, it can flow only from Soul stuff. Aspirational aim but the old feeling of Saturdayness has been a great reminder of what it is I believe in and sometimes glimpse.

Making me Smile

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"The gospel isn't the gospel when it belongs to the powerful to dispense, explain, and exclude as they see fit. There is certainly an important place for theological training and for recognizing those uniquely called to scholarship, teaching, and ministry. But they aren't the only ones qualified to talk about faith. My theology is only as rich as the diversity of people who have contributed to it, and it is a poor theology indeed that considers only the perspectives of those who look, think, and live just like me"

Rachel Held Evans


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